Restoring The Peace & M.A.T.T.

One of the leading causes of spinal cord injury in Colombia is violence and this is also closely linked to lack of education and a scarcity of social opportunities. M.A.T.T. (Movilidad, Accesibilidad, Tiempo, Trabajo in English translates to Mobility, Accessibility, Time, Work) which was created with the intention to provide those types of opportunities, especially to those suffering from disabilities. Their goal is to promote the independence of those with all types of disabilities which would enable them to make more positive decisions and regain control of their life.

Today, there are about 3.2 million people who suffer from some form of disability in Colombia. On top of that, only eight percent of that population has access to quality work that allows them to generate any income. One of the biggest reasons for this inability to find employment is due to the roads and public transportation lacking the specific adaptations that would cater to the varying needs of the citizens. It is for this reason that opportunities for those who require wheelchairs diminish rapidly and thus, those people end up losing motivation because the job offers do not fit them or they are just not even considered. 

This is why MATT has dedicated itself to designing social and labor solutions to serve people struggling with disabilities through the use of technological tools like digital platforms along with electronic devices which are also adaptable to the environment. For example, they have their easily adaptable electric towing device for manual wheelchairs. These devices provide ecological mobility, are easily removable and easy to store, and they are great for traveling. However, most importantly, these devices also come with job opportunities for those with disabilities allowing them to provide a steady income for themselves and their families while making better decisions to improve their quality of life. 

Restoring The Peace is proud to begin working with M.A.T.T. to help further their mission of creating more job opportunities and improving the quality of life for our brothers and sisters in Colombia. The money we raise over the next couple of weeks will go towards providing a wheelchair and a job opportunity to someone in need.

If you would like more information about M.A.T.T. and their mission, you can visit their website at or follow them on Instagram @matt.movilidad

In other news, Restoring The Peace will be revamping its business model over the next couple of months in order to showcase more merchandise with our brand while also continuing to support communities that are in need. So, be on the lookout for further updates as they become available! 

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