Together For Change

This month, Restoring the Peace’s shirt proceeds will be donated to NuevaLife Foundation which is a non-profit organization based in Miami, Florida that has been working hard to positively impact South American communities. They are in 11 communities currently with their population focus being the Indigenous Wayuu community of La Guajira, Colombia. For over a decade, they have focused their efforts through three pillars: Education, Water & Energy, and Paw Support.

Their Education pillar is focused on providing quality education and a proper infrastructure for learning to the youth in order to give them the tools they require to redirect their lives into whatever they want. It is through the power of knowledge that true impact is made.

Their second pillar which focuses on Water & Energy is their effort to provide extremely rural communities with the water & energy resource that will aid the problems stemmed from lack of access to basic needs. Without drinkable water, these communities are facing issues such as dehydration, malnutrition, and child mortality. In addition, by providing energy to these communities, it not only allows children to do homework (tying back to the Education pillar) but also gives adults the chance to work on their handicrafts which is their main source of income.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused even more hardship because of the lack of tourists and the fact that these communities live dollar to dollar day by day. Many of these people do not have a safety net, so these last few months have been especially difficult.  

The final pillar of Paw Support looks to educate their communities on the importance of animal welfare, teaching them best practices to care for these animals so that they can also enjoy a better quality of life. 

They also have their Adopt-A-Project program that allows people to become monthly donors to the pillar of their choice. This is a great opportunity for those who have a particular interest in one or more of these pillars and would like to ensure that their donation will go to that specific cause. Remember, every dollar counts and during these difficult times, you will be making a world of a difference to these communities that have been affected heavily.

As always, Restoring The Peace aims to bring light to these issues happening in our society and all over the world so that they remain at the forefront of people’s minds. This is a battle for equality for all and in order for this to be achieved, we all must continue to stay informed and diligent on making a difference as best as we can.

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