About Us

Restoring The Peace was established in Queens, New York. New York City is recognized as one of the top five multicultural cities in the world with Queens being the most diverse borough. There are more languages spoken in Queens than anywhere else in the world. However, speaking a different language does not change the tone in conversations about families struggling back in their homeland with economic turmoil, health concerns and financial issues. For centuries the media has portrayed the narrative that underprivileged countries and communities are “at-fault” for their disposition. No one chooses to be hungry. No one chooses to be sick. No one chooses to lack access to an education.  

Created as a streetwear clothing brand, Restoring The Peace vows to help spread awareness about issues that are taking place around the globe and to make a difference in the world. Our goal is to encourage positivity worldwide, despite the hardships and oppression faced by underserved citizens in countries around the world. 

Restoring The Peace aspires to be an outlet for up-and-coming artists around the world to express their artwork by designing their own piece of clothing while simultaneously profiting from their own clothing design.

Every campaign we find a new up-and-coming organization or nonprofit that helps underserved communities overcome everyday issues. We then donate 15% of our monthly sales from our own items sold to that organization or nonprofit. Every item purchased will help someone around the world in a positive way.

Knowledge is power which is why Restoring The Peace wants to use our platform to inform the public about hardships people are facing around the world and offer a helping hand to those in need.