Our Story

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace. - Confucius

The idea of Restoring The Peace was sparked from my small bedroom in South Ozone Park, Queens. After watching the brutal murder of George Floyd on every social platform you can think of during the pandemic and not be able to do much, I made it my mission to create some sort of change that I felt was positive and could have an impact in my community. Not sure exactly what I wanted to do but I knew I could not just sit around and do nothing. That was when I created “And Countless Others” tee shirt. It was a one color screen printed design that listed of all the names of people who were taken from us from police brutality. Within 3 weeks, I sold out of all 50 shirts I ordered. I donated the money to a nonprofit that helped fight against police brutality. From then on, I just knew this was something I wanted to keep on doing. I honestly was not sure what it was but I knew that I wanted to make a positive impact on social projects around the globe.

I created Restoring The Peace because I am from Queens, NY. The motherland of diversity. I wanted to create a project that gives back to the world. It is true they say about Queens and how you can literally find any culture here.  This is borough people come to when they want to find a piece of their motherland. This is the borough where so many families come to start a new life. This is borough that has raise so many new first generation Americans

This is the borough of immigrants.

Now being a son of 2 Guyanese immigrants, it was planted in my brain at birth that getting an education is a must. I am very grateful to have such loving, hardworking, and beautiful parents. Even though I never knew what I exactly wanted to do with my life (and I still don’t) I attended Queens College of CUNY and graduated with my bachelor's degree in Economics and Urban Studies for my parents. Within that time I was lucky enough to travel and got to see other parts of the world that really opened up my eyes.

At first Restoring The Peace helped with the Black Lives Matter project, then I helped with raising money for the explosion in Lebanon of August 2020, Then I moved to Medellin, Colombia and Restoring The Peace helped with 3 different social change projects over there, 2 of them were helping with educational projects.  While I wanted to make an impact every social change project possible, the truth was that was impossible.

I must say that I was honestly the most excited and enjoyed doing the work for those educational projects. I guess it was seeing how much kids who didn’t have as much as I did growing up, value so much of their education. As corny as it sounds, seeing the smiles on their faces, was priceless. At that point, it all made sense to me, why so many families would leave their country and go to America. It was for a better life for their children. They wanted their children to have access to an education so they have better chance at winning at this game we call “life.”

After taking some time off and learning more about the streetwear industry and learning more about myself, I am happy to announce in January 2023 I will be taking Restoring The Peace on full time. I want to make it my life’s project. I am going to be using my social platforms to be informative about what is going on in the education systems around the world, different projects that are going on globally that are helping students gain access to a better education and I will be keeping Restoring The Peace’s business model the same, which is donating 15% of profits. But instead of donating 15% to different social change projects, I am going to solely focus on donating the 15% towards educational projects that are providing the necessary tools for students in underserved communities to have a successful future.

                                                                                                       - Safraz Alli